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Whittimer G. Willikers 

Send your best stuff to Whitt

Like "Fish"... only
with a wedgie! 

Well, you found it!  I told those fellows in the web department that you would never see the 8 point click.  But you did it anyway. And if you don't think I'm happy about it, check out my face.  Nope, that's joy, not pain.  You see, I am terribly old and since I got that way, you just can't tell the difference unless you have your sound up. 

Yep... That's me! 

Whittimer G. Willikers.  You can call me Whitt, you can call me G, or you can call me Willie.  Just not Whitt Willie, cuz I hate that one.  

"So", you ask... "what's it like to be you, G?"  Well the first thing I can tell you is that I'm old... real old!  Beyond that, picture Fish (remember the Barney Miller show?) only with a really great wedgie and loving every minute of it.  That's what it's like to be me.  And did I mention that I was old?  I mean really old?

You would think with a name like mine I'd have to be funny wouldn't you.  Well who knows...  I was supposed to be Al Gore but he was born too late.  Also, with a moniker like mine, you either get a sense of humor or get the soup beat out of you by the end of third grade.  That's all they had back then, just three grades so I was pretty educated by those standards.  I'm pretty old, you know.  Come to think of it, you'd think with a name like Al Gore, he'd be pretty funny too, wouldn't you?

Now I'm new on board.  First time I've been new at anything in... well... Fibber was still yucking it up with Molly.  And I only got the job because they figure that as old as I am, I'd have some wisdom to pass along.  That and I've got a really cool pair of glasses.

So what am I doing here?  Well, if you've been on the Internet long enough to get at least one friend, you are probably getting those old sobby emails.  But every once in awhile, there are those that are really superb ones.  That's what we want here.  Send 'em all this way so we can share 'em and store 'em.  Old or young, laughing is healthy and without humor life is pretty boring.  And real wisdom should be shared.

So give me your best stuff only keep it clean and smart.    You didn't expect that I was going to do all the work did you?  I'm pretty old you know.

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