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The Panda (Okay... this one is really stupid)

Ok...this panda bear walks into a restaurant and says ”hi” I would like to eat. 

The manager at first refuses but then agrees. The waiter seats the panda bear at a table and gives him his menu. the panda bear orders a ton of food and then sits back happy. The waiter comes over and brings him his bill. The panda bear gets up and shoots the waiter with a gun.  

As he's leaving the restaurant the manager comes running after him and says wait a second!! I treated you well fed you well . Why did you shoot my waiter? The panda bear says,” didn't you know that's what panda bears do? 

The manager is dumbfounded and says what are you talking about? The panda bear says,” go look up in an encyclopedia about what panda bears do.” the panda bear leaves and the manager gets an encyclopedia and looks up panda bears...”panda bears: lives in Asia...eats shoots and leaves.


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