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Lessons Learned - Part 2 

  1. Never pass up an opportunity to pee.

  2. Never pass up an opportunity to tell someone you love them, or to show them. 

  3. Background and circumstance may influence who we are, but we are responsible for who we become.

  4. Life is too short to deal with rude or obnoxious people.

  5. Choose only the sweetest of words. You may have to eat them.

  6. Something done in an instant can give you heartache for life.

  7. If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another chance!

  8. When you think you have no more to give, and a friend cries out to you, you will find the strength to help.

  9. If you move far from your family when you're young, consider choosing a career with an airline. Your need to see your family will last a lifetime, as will your travel benefits.

  10. Living well really is the best revenge. So is looking well.

  11. Being miserable because of a bad or former relationship just proves that the other person was right about you.

  12. Be really nice to your friends because you never know when you are going to need them to hold your hand.

  13. Work is good but it's not important.

  14. Lifeís short. Eat desert first.

  15. Two people can look at the exact same thing and see something totally different.

  16. Never under estimate the kindness of your fellow man. Or his need to be needed.

  17. When you find the person who will share your days and nights, donít try to change them. Just enjoy who and what they are.

  18. Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect, it just means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections.


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