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Whittimer G. Willikers 

A note from Whitt

Whitt's humor findings...

     Just Good ol' Humor
     Bits O' Wisdom
     On God

Just Good ol' Humor

Getting Routey - and Rowdy
Engineers and Lawyers
Red Team-Green Team
Worst Convenience Foods Ever
18 things we learn from dogs
Flour Power
Cowboy Lessons Learned
Two blind pilots
Did I get it right? er... I mean write?
The Indian Chief
Signs you are getting older
Best Mark Twain
On Coffee - my pot
Ben Franklin - I knew him well
Will Rogers  - Still good today
Will Rogers on growing older
Things said in court
Going high-tech
What I have discovered
How did we survive?
I saw it on the Internet
Double Dog Dare
Live and learn
Test answers
Blinded by the right
Yeah... as if...
An open door
Police procedure
Web weary
Farmer Joe
Analyst Ratings
Gett'n Out
The procto-mechanic
Holding water
Mr. Doughboy
Dead Dog
Points of light
English NOT taught here
Why the chicken REALLY X'ed the road
Wise advice from kids
Working in America
Darwin Awards
Woman's dictionary
Giving your cat a pill
The Panda (real dumb... you've been warned)
A Matter of Perceptions

Bits O' Wisdom

New!! Inspirational Thoughts of the Day
New!! Inspirational Thoughts of the Day 2
New!! Inspirational Thoughts of the Day 3
New!! Inspirational Thoughts of the Day 4
The Ten Commandments... Cajun Style
What goes around...
Pretty Profound
Small Town People
Life's Lessons - part 1
Life's Lessons - part 2
Life's Lessons - part 3
Female Keywords
How Blessed Are You?
Even if you only lived one more day
Building Fences

On God - no really... pretty good stuff here!

New!! God Cannot Use Me...
Kids say the darndest things to God
Taking it with you
Gifts to mother
Financial Inspiration
The senility prayer
It's a thought
The organist
Dear Lord
Word Was
One Liners
Praise  the Lord
Ice Cream
Pray with specificity 



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