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Vacation in The Wisconsin Dells   

The Wisconsin Dells is the part of the country where you go to truly go to get away from it all.  Located in the heart of Wisconsin, "the Dells" as they are known by frequent visitors is the place to do just about anything that you want.  Fishing, boating, water skiing, hiking, scenic drives, and tons of other man-made attractions make the Dells a prime vacation spot away from it all and for families on a budget.

Though the Dells can't be beat in the summer, don't count them out for the winter.  These people know how to handle snow and there's still tons to do.  Local snow skiing replaces water skiing, and its quite possible that you have never smelled air this fresh.  

Restaurants and attractions are open year around and winter time is a great time of year to get bargains and eliminate much of the traffic.  Summer is the time for water sports, hitting the big slide parks, and enjoying a round or two... or three of golf on courses that you wouldn't expect to see in this part of the country.

Wisconsin Dells Vacation Package Details

$89.00 package includes:
3 day 2 night stay at an area hotel (verifiable retail value $120)
Two Tickets to Noah's Ark or Bay of Dreams (verifiable retail value $45)
Area dining & entertainment book (verifiable retail value $24.95)

Wisconsin Dells, WI vacation accommodations: 

Three days and two nights stay in the Dells for any qualifying party that gives 90 minutes of their time participating in an exciting interactive presentation showing them how they can save money on and have better vacations*. (There is absolutely no obligation to purchase or join anything.) Click here for more information. 

We at SeniorMag can personally recommend this vacation.  Some of us grew up around here and can promise that there are tons of people that are almost too friendly... certainly helpful.  You will stay at a great location and your $89 charge will have MORE than paid for itself the first night alone.  You of course have the second night, PLUS your tickets and discount book from Bluegreen.  

Click here for more information. 

*This special offer is for the purpose of soliciting the sale of timeshare vacation ownership and is void where prohibited by law. To confirm your reservation, a major credit card is required





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