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At Home Health Day Care

Certainly one of the biggest issues for most caretakers is the need for senior day care services so that the caretaker can continue with their own employment.

Facility based day-care is a common alternative but presents problems with transportation, days when medical conditions make facility based day-care impossible, and unfamiliar surroundings.

By enabling in-home day care, the person that is being cared for has the advantage of staying home in familiar surroundings, physical problems are less of an issue, and care related stresses are minimized.

A great place to start looking for day care is amongst the senior's friends and acquaintances at church or social clubs where they belong. Be careful to handle this delicately though, as it may be somewhat embarrassing to the senior family member. 

By selecting someone that is already known, you will find that the senior is much more comfortable and you often find that the other person desires the responsibility, the companionship, and could use even a minimum wage paycheck as an income supplement.


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