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Assisted living senior residence, senior apartments and senior living communities

 Assisted Living/Senior Residence 
& Senior Care Centers

Start here to find Assisted LivingSenior Residence, retirement communities, senior apartments, continuing care facilities, nursing homes and/orassisted living senior communities come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of services. Find assisted living and senior residence communities here. memory/Alzheimer's Disease senior residence care centers near you.

SeniorMag does not own or operate any of these communities.  If you find a community or facility and would like more information, contact them directly.  Most assisted living/senior care facilities have information that they can send you via mail.

To find an Assisted Living or other senior residence community near you...

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Senior assisted living facilities come in all shapes and sizes from senior apartments where there are some services, to assisted living facilities with varying and/or progressive levels of senior living services, to traditional nursing homes, to Alzheimer's or Memory Care facilities.

If you are considering Assisted Living options for a senior family member, we recommend that you consider a comprehensive evaluation by a geriatric care manager (GCM) to develop a long-term care plan and determine their requirements, now and into the immediate future.  This is to help reduce the number of moves by making sure that the assisted living facility that you choose has the right services for your family member.

You might also consider Senior Home Care as a prelude to assisted living or in the event that your assisted living/care facility has a waiting list.  Discuss these findings with counseling staff from various care centers that meet your anticipated requirements and budget.  

Assisted living, senior care, and senior living communities/facilities

Assisted living communities are represented online for your convenience only.  While we attempt to keep this information up to date, you should contact the community directly for more information about their current assisted living services and offerings.

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Assisted Living & Senior Residence Disclosure

Notice: Assisted living, senior residence, senior apartments, nursing homes and Alzheimer’s memory care locations that are listed on SeniorMag have provided their own business information and are responsible for the accuracy of that information.  Listing businesses on SeniorMag is a service paid for by the represented party and a listing here DOES NOT constitute an endorsement of any business by SeniorMag.. SeniorMag DOES NOT warrant the accuracy of that information or any company's ability to provide any kind of assisted living services. Before contracting with any  facility, you should take the time to read all contracts, know costs, and ask all questions.  Once services have been rendered, your options change.  However, all assisted living, senior residence, senior apartments, nursing homes and Alzheimer’s memory care locations are under state law regarding the kinds and quality of service that they perform.  Regardless of any contract, no assisted living, senior residence, senior apartments, nursing homes and Alzheimer’s memory care locations may act in an abusive manner and you should report such to your state ombudsman.  Contact your local Area on Aging for more information.  When dealing with small locations that cater to only several adults, you should always check the license for your assisted living, senior residence, senior apartments, nursing homes or Alzheimer’s memory care locations before committing to their service.  In most cases, your state will require that the business have a license and be subject to a variety of inspections.  Above all else, if a family member begins their residence you should still make sure that the staff at the locations knows that you have a continuing interest in the senior’s welfare, and that they will not be forgotten.  Assisted living staff are generally quite caring and reasonable, but accountability never hurts. 

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