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SeniorMag does not endorse any candidate but offers our forum to government officials and candidates at state and federal levels to express their views on the issues and talk directly to seniors.

If you are an elected state or federal representative or actively seeking such an office, you are welcome to submit your op-ed piece to SeniorMag.

Here is why you should publish your op-ed on SeniorMag:

  • SeniorMag is reaching over 3000 viewers per day after only 2 months of being live.  That's 90,000 users per month and growing.

  • SeniorMag does not edit political op-ed pieces.  We will reject pieces that do not fit the goal of communicating with seniors directly on the issues but we will not change your article.

  • Your op-ed article will be removed at your request.

  • SeniorMag does not allow candidate bashing, mudslinging or name-calling... ever!  Not specifically or in general.  You can publish your op-ed here without being attacked.  All submitters are only to speak to issues only.  This is honest to goodness political debate on the issues.

  • We take nothing for granted.  Your submission will be checked against valid email addresses and we will correspond directly with your office in order to verify the source of the submission.

If you are interested in addressing the needs of seniors and want to submit an op-ed article, you may send it in Word or text format to If you would like your image included, be sure to either attach it or send the URL where it may be obtained.  If you would also like a hyperlink to your site, be sure to include that as well.

SeniorMag does not guarantee publication of your op-ed article.  All articles must address only the issues or they will be rejected.  Repeatedly ignoring this requirement will result in a complete dismissal of all future submissions without review.

Specific requirements

1) You must be a major party candidate including:

  • Republican
  • Democrat
  • Libertarian
  • Green

You must be an elected representative or actively seeking such a position at the time of submission.

No political bashing of any political candidate or party allowed, either directly or indirectly.  Keep on task and focus on the issues.



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