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Senior Money - Retirement Finance and Financial Planning

Senior Money - Retirement Finance and Financial Planning

Whether you are a senior, a baby-boomer planning for your retirement years, or a caregiver who is managing the financial affairs of a elder parent, you probably have some unique financial situations that you have to deal with or that will be coming your way soon.  Managing your money and financial resources becomes more critical every day.

The senior economy
Delaying retirement
Using your home equity efficiently
Increasing retirement savings through management
Reverse mortgages giving seniors extra living cash
Grandparents raising grandchildren
Increasing investment yields
Protecting your income with disability insurance
Self-employed financial planning
Life Insurance types explained
Personal bankruptcy
Long Term Care Insurance
Long term care insurance questions
Long term care insurance coverage
Long term care exclusions
Second Mortgage Overview
Home Equity Line of Credit
Second Mortgage Loan Term
Second Mortgage Loan Interest Rates
ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) Loan Interest Rates
Fixed Mortgage Loan Interest Rates

The financial and retirement information on this site is for educational purposes only, and should not be construed as financial advice for any person under any circumstance.  

You should always seek the assistance of a qualified professional.  You alone are responsible for determining what financial professional or financial advice is best in your situation.

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