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Why Women Are Good At Small Business

Though women may approach small business management in a slightly different way, the explosive growth of women-owned businesses over the past decade attests to the success of their non-traditional style.
  • More than half of women business owners (53 percent) emphasize intuition or "right-brain" instead of "left-brain," which emphasizes analysis, the processing of information methodically, and developing procedures. Intuitive processes often allow someone to see opportunities that aren't readily apparent and to know if they are right without the use of reason and analysis.

  • The way in which women business owners make decisions is usually more whole-brained than men's (i.e. it is more evenly distributed between right-brain and left-brain). This allows someone to use creative and analytical processes, a characteristic that is critical for small business management, especially in uncertain situations.

  • Women business owners tend to reflect on decisions, and to weigh options and outcomes before taking action. In addition, women don't hesitate to gather information from business advisors and associates. The advantage here is the shared knowledge that is gathered through interpersonal interactions and liaisons.

  • Women entrepreneurs describe their businesses in family terms and see their business relationships as a network. This "personal touch" is often what drives employee motivation and productivity. The downside is however that they may lack policies and procedures which are clearly stated.

  • Women have the ability to balance different tasks and priorities. In business for themselves or for someone else, the ability to be flexible and adaptable is a distinct advantage these days when everyone is expected to perform many duties.

  • Women entrepreneurs tend to find satisfaction and Success from building relationships with customers and employees, from having control of their own destiny, and from doing something that they consider worthwhile. We spend the majority of our lives at work. If our work and our personal values are not in alignment, sooner or later we feel conflict. Women entrepreneurs have used this internal conflict as a motivation in order to create the life that they desire.

  • Entrepreneurs in general are more similar to each other than they are to the working population in general. Compared to the general working population, entrepreneurs tend to be more logical and analytical in the way they make decisions, no matter their sex.


Marketing >> Business Basics >> Women in business


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