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Building a Quality Website


Building a quality website doesn't just happen.  It's a choice and either an expensive one or a time consuming one.  When you have piece of collateral material like a website, and this is potentially your only contact with someone, it must present your company completely, effectively, and with enough character to make you stand out in the crowd.  Nothing is so sad as a company website that gets visitors but does not refer any leads... ever!

Consider a website as you would any other piece of advertising collateral.  Only with this one, people can find it and it costs you no more for 1000 people to see it than it costs you if only one person sees it.  People can find you without you even knowing it.  Your website may be the only impression that a prospective client has of your and your company.  The question then becomes what do you want people to see when they come to your site?

If your site wonít at least match the quality of your competitorís sites, you may as well not go through the trouble and the expense.  When deciding what to invest in your website, ask yourself what you want people to think of your company when you arenít there to make a good impression.

Your website, like your business brochure can vary significantly in quality.  You could produce a grayscale printout brochure from your ink-jet printer onto cheap copy paper.  But if you wouldnít hand out a piece of junk brochure, donít do it with your website.


Marketing >> Website Development >> Quality Website





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