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Web Conferencing Basics


Web conferencing is a feature that is often free and at most, a minor up-charge to conference calling.  During web conferencing, your visitor calls into the conference as usual but also has the option of going online (obviously requires a second line or a high-speed connection) and viewing a presentation that you have prepared and which is exclusive to your group.  

Web conferencing is a great idea when you have visual information that must be delivered or to help you follow an agenda in a meeting. 

Use the whiteboard much like you would use a chalkboard and it too can help you get your message across.  Use chat features to help communicate with the host instead of opening up an open microphone.  In other words, if you keep the microphone closed, they can hear but not talk. 

When you have a large number of people, having an open microphone can cause much confusion because you can have multiple people trying to communicate at the same time.  By opening up chat, you can allow those people with a closed mic to type their questions in an orderly fashion, they are identified, and the host can access the questions in any order that he chooses. 

Some web conferencing vendors have additional features that go far beyond the basics of chat, whiteboard, and online presentations.  Companies such as Webex have some incredible feature sets that allow users to integrate these with video conferencing, sharing files, and even the ability to allow any party to take over the file that is in use or even take over another personís computer to demonstrate certain functions.

So for instance, if you wanted to present an Excel document to the group, it can be loaded and visible to everyone, even if they donít have Excel on their machine.  If you as the host want to give another participant the ability to modify the document online and live, that power can be transferred to them and then the modified document may be downloaded to everyoneís machine.

Another example would be if you as the host were demonstrating an application or giving training and someone was having a problem, they can relinquish the control of their computer to the host who would actually take over the userís computer anywhere in the world, just as if you were sitting in front of it. 

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Marketing >> Marketing & Technology  >> Web Conferencing


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