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Being a volunteer doesn’t initially sound like a great marketing tactic and as a volunteer, you do have to be careful that you aren’t using the volunteer program to launch your business.  But being a volunteer does make you visible and people will ask you what you do for a living.  What’s more, it extends your circle of friends, associates, and influence just a bit farther.  You never know where these influences will go.

Terra McCullough volunteers her time with the local Meals on Wheels campaign and does this two days per week.  She doesn’t volunteer to recruit clients however, “Being a volunteer is a trusted position and I do it because I want to, not for personal gain.”  

Terra is the first to admit that people she works with are intrigued by what she does, and being a volunteer just goes to show her level of commitment to the elder population she also happens to work for in her other life.

Being a volunteer has more potential to gain other than just extending the network.  People are at their best when the volunteer to help others.  When you are at your best personally, you are also at your best in business.  Being a volunteer helps keep your life’s focus.

People are simply at their best when they give to others!

Marketing >> Public Relations/Press Releases  >> Volunteer your time





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