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If you are looking for quality Internet phone service, we suggest you check out Vonage.  Unlike Primus, Vonage is meant for those who depend on their phones for incoming and outgoing calls, and dont have to worry about shelling out $50 per month for unlimited service.

Vonage also excels in many other ways.  Vonage does not use your computer resources although that is indeed an option.  It does however, have some very cool features such as the ability to manage your account via the Internet, email yourself when you get messages, pick up message via the Internet, and a lot more. 

One of the best features of Vonage is the ability to instantly set up numbers in other area codes and have them ring your main number.  This is ideal for companies that are choosing to expand into a new area and will provide service, but dont want to set up a new office until there is a business base to serve.  It allows the customers in the new town to dial a number with a prefix they recognize and not even think about it being out of town.

The other big benefit to Vonage is that their business packages also include a separate fax line, an important feature for most businesses.

The phone hookup for Vonage is also remarkably easy.  They send you a connection device and this shares the Internet connection with your computer.  However, your computer does not have to be on for it to work.  Only your modem needs to be connected.  Simply plug in the power supply, plug in the connector and plug your phone into that.  Its done.

For road warriors, Vonage has another nifty feature and that is that if you stay in hotels with high-speed access, you can take your connector with you and answer phone calls, just like you were at the office.

Vonage definitely has a thumbs-up!

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Marketing >> Marketing & Technology  >> Broadband Phone (VOIP) Vonage






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