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Internet/broadband phones – Primus


Primus is the basic Internet phone service.  There are no frills, no options and nothing all that interesting.  Primus broadband phone service is the ultimate of what you see is what you get. 

One BIG problem with Primus Internet phone service is that you can only make calls, you cannot receive them.  This means of course that this service will only save you money if you would ordinarily tie up a line making long-distance phone calls. 

The second problem with Primus is that you must download software and you can only use your computer to make phone calls.  Therefore, if you have to boot or are in the middle of a process that ties up system resources, your phone usage is just toast.

Primus does have one advantage however, and that is that you can get an account for as little as $10 and you pay up-front.  Since long-distance phone rates in the USA are 1.9 cents per minute, which means you can talk for 526 minutes. 

In our opinion, Primus Internet/broadband phone service doesn’t have what it takes to make it worthwhile, especially since you can get long-distance phone cards for about the same rate and you need an incoming line to take phone calls anyway.  There are a lot of other broadband/Internet phone services that are just like Primus and we don’t mean to specifically pick on them other than as an example of what you shouldn’t get into if you are in business.

Primus is a great example of what you should get if you make very few long distance calls, don’t want to get hooked up with any telco long distance packages, yet you have a good high-speed Internet connection.  If you call your mom for 30 minutes per month and have a computer that can handle it, this one is for you.

For business purposes however, we simply cannot give the thumbs up to Primus.  It has its place, but being in business isn’t one of them.

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