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Internet /broadband phones – AT&T CallVantage


When it comes to Internet/broadband phone service, you had to know that AT&T wouldn’t be too far behind.  CallVantage is the name of their new Internet/broadband phone service and it does live up to the AT&T name.

Like Vonage and BroadVoice, AT&T CallVantage has some top services and functionality that will make you the envy of every one or your peers.  At about $50 per month, it’s also priced like Vonage and includes a second fax line.

The AT&T service however, has some distinct advantages that we see in its operational model that Vonage and BroadVoice do not have.  It is these services that make this a premium product for us though there are also many that won’t see the big deal:

  1. AT&T CallVantage allows you to place a default go-to number on your account, just in case your Internet connection goes down.  Remember, if you lose your Internet connection, you lose your phone.  Even though Vonage and BroadVoice allow you to forward your number to a different telephone, how are you going to use it unless you have a dialup connection and of course that requires a standard line.  

    AT&T solved the problem simply by allowing you to default to a given number if your connection goes down, thereby preventing you from losing phone calls.

  2. The really top feature in the AT&T Internet/broadband phone service bank however, is the ability to record and send phone message to a group of people. 

    Let’s say that you store your group of employees phone numbers online and you want to schedule an important meeting or you have a morning that has a weather delay.  AT&T allows you to record this message from home and send it to your entire list.  So rather than make 30-40 calls, you record it once and send it.

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Marketing >> Marketing & Technology  >> Broadband Phone (VOIP) CallVantage




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