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Is VOIP Internet/broadband phone service for you?


VOIP Internet phone service is one of those things that is probably for you, will certainly be in your future, but you might just be better off looking at other options besides the 1-2 line options that are discussed here.  If your office is large enough to require several outgoing lines, VOIP might still be a good thing to consider, but with a higher end system and one that is dedicated to your phone system.

On the other hand, if you are small in size and can get by with just a couple of lines, then perhaps broadband/Internet phone service is for you.  You should still be aware of the issues that can bite you:

Phone number portability:  Not every system has it, sometimes there are costs involved, and so if you want to keep the same telephone number, it can take a month or more to make the switch.  In the meantime, you will be paying for both the land-line system as well as the broadband/Internet phone system.

Lose your connection, lose your phone:  If you have an Internet connection that goes down all the time, you would definitely have an issue with your phone service.  When your phones require your connection and you lose it, you are completely out of communication with the exception of cell phones.

Lost voice quality:  This is getting to be less of an issue, but with packet loss and network congestion, you could find out that your service has lost some quality.  If’ you’ve had a bad cell phone call, you know what we’re talking about here.  The good news is that you can test the line that you are on to see if it’s worth switching over.  This website has a test that you can run and will tell you how your connection faired depending upon where in the world you are likely to call.  In my testing, I came out quite well at 4.4 for everywhere except for Sydney Australia and that still came out at 4.3.  According to them, this is better than a good cell phone call. 

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Marketing >> Marketing & Technology  >> Broadband Phone (VOIP) 






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