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Video Conferencing Basics


Video conferencing is a part of web conferencing used to for all practical purposes, allow those in your web conference to virtually be in the same room with you.  Video conferencing adds new life to meetings and is very helpful in helping to establish a personal rapport and to use one more sense to tie people into a meeting that they would otherwise easily tune out. 

Video conferencing is actually pretty easy, but does require that at least one party have a web camera that is integrated into their computer system.  Such cameras are available today for $100 or less and transmit the active video to the web conference center and then distributed live to the participants of the conference. 

Setting up the camera and the active upload to the conference center used to take a skilled technician.  But we have found that most computer novices can manage the installation and learn to activate the upload in a matter of minutes.

From the users end, sharing in video conferencing is even easier.  Users are not required to have a video camera and can enjoy the conference by receiving the video signal with no need for them to install any equipment. 

Video conferencing is easy for the user.  They simply call the toll-free number on their phone and then go online with their computer.  They are prompted to go to a given web page, log in using the pass-code that you as the host give them and then they can immediately see the broadcasted video. 

As mentioned in the article on web conferencing, video conferencing is generally offered as an additional feature to the web conference and not available through all vendors. 

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Marketing >> Marketing & Technology  >> Video Conferencing





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