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Tradeshow exhibit display booths


Tradeshow exhibit displays come in all shapes and sizes and can fit almost any budget.  Tradeshow exhibit displays are a necessary part of your participation in any show.  Though the tradeshow promoter seldom requires them, the lack of a proper tradeshow display makes your company looks like the groomsman who showed up to the wedding in his leisure suit. 

Weíve all seen them at the tradeshow.  These are the companies that can set up 5 minutes before the event because all they have is a box of brochures and a small bag of penny candy.  Seemingly to rub it in, they often seem to find themselves stuck between two of the best decorated booths on the isle.  

Itís a humiliating and very costly experience because your best chance of a conversation at the show is either with the janitor or the guy next to you when he isnít talking to someone else.

Tradeshow exhibit displays wonít guarantee a tradeshow success and unless you spend a fortune, most people wonít even notice them.  They just notice when you donít.  If chosen properly the tradeshow display will also facilitate the communication of your staff with your potential clients.

"Tradeshow displays" are generally either purchased or rented with most companies opting for the rental until they have a firm internal commitment that they will be participating in many tradeshows.  Even then, most companies are better off to rent a couple of different tradeshow displays to find out what they like and what they donít.  You can have one way of doing a tradeshow while others have a completely different way. 

You may or may not have videos to show, you should consider how much room you need for the products/brochures you want to display, how much storage space you will want, how many representatives you want at your booth, whether you want to use the provided skirted table, or whether you would prefer adding one or more kiosks.  

A tradeshow display is not a cheap proposition and you want to be sure that whatever you buy will be something that works well for your company.  There isnít much way of knowing this until youíve done a couple of shows.

Tradeshow displays come in a variety of sizes and are often quite versatile.  At the small end, tradeshow displays may be nothing more than a self-contained short tri-fold unit that is meant as a tabletop display or it could be something that is a full-length, half-height table top display booth with several lights on it and/or a lighted banner.  Prices on reasonable quality units can be found from $500 up and an average unit with full accessories can run a total of $1500-$2000.

Medium size tradeshow display units will still fit the small single booth standard size of 10 feet wide and are probably the most popular size because they are still relatively inexpensive and yet they offer a much wider variety of options.  Standard sizes may vary but are typically about 90 inches high by 10 feet long, and these can come with quite a range of accessories. 

Larger tradeshow displays can run the gamut of size and are only realistic for companies that do an awful lot of shows.  These displays are typically made for booths larger than the standard 10í minimum, and that of course means larger tradeshow fees and locks you into doing a larger presentation.  

In most cases, the large tradeshow display is either a second display or it can be broken down so that part of it may be used as a medium size tradeshow display.  After all, not all tradeshows may offer larger booth sizes, you may find that you donít have a larger booth available to you, or you may find that certain tradeshows donít have the traffic to justify a large display every time.

Tradeshow display exhibit setup

The whole idea of a tradeshow exhibit incorporates the fact that it must be very mobile.  For this reason, you will find that most are very easy to put up with 2-3 people and it can be accomplished very quickly.  Small displays are often set up by one person in 20-30 minutes or less.  

Medium size tradeshow displays rarely require more than 2 people and can be done in well under an hour.  Tradeshow displays are light and almost always include collapsible frame structures over which you will install material similar to indoor carpet, install shelves, and hang light fixtures and your signs. 

Tradeshow displays are also very transportable and should come in one or more large plastic containers that are very rugged.  These containers are meant to be transported via common carrier and take quite a bit of abuse.  Because they also must be handled extensively by your staff, these rather large containers also should have wheels on one end, much like that of a rolling suitcase.

Tradeshow exhibit display pricing

Display pricing will vary and you should shop around extensively before you buy.  Also consider buying a used unit and always take a look on Ebay to find out what is available there.  Those in the business probably wonít volunteer any used units that they have available, but always ask.

The best tip on buying a tradeshow display unit is to start shopping months in advance, particularly if there is a large tradeshow coming up.  You donít want to be forced to take the first alternative that comes along and if you are interested in buying a used tradeshow display unit, you donít want to be forced into buying a new one because itís your only choice.

One additional feature you might want to consider when purchasing a tradeshow display unit is whether you want to include a matching floor piece.  While some tradeshows allow you to rent a piece of carpet for your booth, many donít, and you just donít know what you are going to have until you get there.  

Some tradeshow display companies will try to sell you the matching flooring at some outrageous prices.  But check around with local carpet stores to see if they have a remnant piece available.  Comparing these two options, the matching tradeshow piece can cost hundreds of dollars while very adequate remnants were available for $20-30 each.

Marketing >> Trade Shows >> Trade Show Exhibits/Displays




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