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Telephone System Changes


How are customers greeted when you are there to answer the telephone?  Now think how they are greeted when you are not there.  "Telephone systems" have evolved greatly over the past few years and companies often have basic service packages that were only found on larger telephone systems a few years ago.   Spend some time learning about your own system and maximize the advantages.

You may have the greatest child in the world.  But when a potential client calls you and a child answers, that client will probably be gone before a message can even be taken.  Even if they do take a message, the client has little confidence that the message will be delivered, and will have lost confidence in a company that lets children handle client inquiries.  Itís not personal; itís just how people think. 

Check your telephone system message and see if it says what you want it to say and everything that it can say.  Some new systems now allow such calls to follow you, allow clients to pick information that suits their interests like ďPress 1 to leave a message, press 2 to hear more about services, press 3 to ÖĒ

Getting a voicemail message is never the best option, but it is far superior to letting it ring, letting someone answer it who doesnít have the professional sounds and courtesies that one expects to hear in calling the telephone number of someone they want to trust with their family memberís health and well-being.

Marketing >> Marketing & Technology  >> Telephone Systems






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