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Be a public relations expert


Public relations isnít something that just happens, itís something that you do.  Public relation specialists have spent their lives learning the ins and outs of the process and most are still learning every day.

Networking is part of public relations, but donít let it stop there.  How much value would you find in having your name and company mentioned in a local newspaper as being a local expert in senior home care or assisted living?  Those who have experienced this will generally tell you that the response is temporary, but it is phenomenal and it often leads to other things that will also promote you as the expert in this area.

Here's a public relations secret that only a few will take advantage of and then the opportunities will be gone.  There is tremendous growth in the area of senior services and many experts are needed, especially at local levels.  New stories are coming up every day and media departments want people to call on.  Once they have them, they don't need any more.  If you are one of the first ones to become the media darling, the love affair that they have with you will propel you to serious greatness as a local expert in your field.

Public relations and the media

When you have time on your hands, get in contact with local radio, television, and newspaper reporters that you have noted to periodically do stories in your field.  In most cases, these reporters find themselves searching for quotes, opinions, and even full-fledged stories.

Becoming a public relations expert with these folks doesnít happen overnight either.  They have to get to know you, trust you, and know that there is significant value in what you have to offer.  This takes time and it also takes an understanding that they arenít interested in doing a story about YOU or your company.  They want an informational source that they can go to and only THEN are they willing to mention you and your company as background and an authority source for what they are currently writing on.

Stories about senior issues are making headlines every day, both on a national and on a local level.  A public relations expert owns their own value because they are the recognized go-to person.  But then this public relations value can will then automatically attach itself to your company.

Taking the public relations aspect to a completely different level, become an expert writer in your field.  Without doubt, it will take many attempts to crack the egg the first time and maybe even the next few times.  The more you push this public relations button, the more you will be recognized as the expert and in time, they will be contacting you and perhaps even paying your for your writing services.

 Marketing >> Public Relations/Press Releases  >> Public relations for small business





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