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Payroll Services


Payroll services provide one alternative to one of the biggest headaches for most small business owners, managing their payroll and the forms and deposits that go with it.  Payroll services monitor employment and payroll laws, often bring in experts when there are questions about new laws such as the recently passed overtime changes.

Payroll services are just one step short of Human Resource (HR) Management.  When you subscribe to a payroll service, you still remain the employer of those that work for you.  Itís just that the payroll services manage the day-to-day operations of paying your employees and keeping you out of trouble with the various tax departments.

You can often find payroll services for a cost of between $2-10 per employee for small businesses per transaction.  Therefore, if you pay weekly, your gross transaction costs will cost you twice as much as if you pay every other week.  Be sure to shop around for prices.

 Payroll services typically provide the following services:

  • Payroll processing which includes calculations of the paychecks, management of the data, withdrawal of payroll funds from your account and summary information for you.  In many cases, you can view this information online as well.
  • W2 and Form 1099 processing and administration at the end of the year
  • Check signing and stuffing, ready for handing out to your employees
  • Delivery service to your door
  • Direct deposits to your employees bank accounts
  • Payroll tax administration


   Marketing >> Employment & Employers >> Payroll Services




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