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Editors Note:  You are considering writing a newsletter!  Great!  This is a phenomenal step to take in keeping in contact with your clients and potential clients.  

Writing a newsletter may seem easy upon first thought.  However, developing your newsletter structure will help you as you actually sit down to write.  Writing a newsletter isn't as easy as simply expressing your thoughts.  Newsletters must be engaging and/or even addictive.  

Write A Better Newsletter! 

by: BB Lee

You've decided to write your very own Newsletter to promote your business, communicate with your customers, or just for FUN.

You've read hundreds of "newsletters". You've also noticed many of these newsletters lack original material. They are identical in format and/or article content!

Don't Fall Into That Easy Trap!

The following tips will help the new newsletter writer/ publisher create a better newsletter.

Know Who You Are Writing Your Newsletter For

This sounds simple enough, you must know your readers. What are their demographics. Are they male, female, young, old, middle income, high income, getting by, just starting out, looking for business opportunities, looking for work at home jobs, stay at home moms, business women or men. Learn to select the articles that reflect your readers interest.

Establish A Newsletter Publishing Schedule

Professionals publish on a regular basis. Make that your goal!

A regular publishing schedule will also assist you when you accept articles from writers. The contributors will have an idea when to submit articles. And this will also assist in scheduling your ads. You will know how to schedule ads, knowing what issue they will appear in, according to your publishing schedule.

Stick To Your Newsletter Plan Like Glue

If you plan your issues the 1'st of every month stick to it. Don't publish erratically. You will lose readers or they may forget they subscribed to your newsletter because of your irregular publishing schedule.


Proofreading is very critical to the publishing process. Every publisher must proofread the newsletter before it is sent out. Take the time to correct any spelling or grammar errors. This will improve the quality of your publication. Run your spell check program and then go over the text with your own eyes looking for common errors the program may have ignored like substituting two for too, or their for they're.

Experiment With Style

Change your format. Add different types of articles. Ask readers to send in their questions or opinions. Have surveys. Trivia bits, breaking news, quotes, even your favorite jokes. The change in format will keep readers interested while improving your writing skills in various formats.

Research Before You Write Your Newsletter

Research your articles online. Add interesting links to more relevant information. Links to another free resource, software, interesting downloads, are always welcomed.

Invite New Writers To Your Newsletter

Writing a newsletter is overwhelming to most new publishers. Seek help from writers online. Ask your readers or writers to contribute to the newsletter. Offer a resource box in your newsletter to all contributors as compensation.

This will prompt queries from many writers. And of course you can easily download articles from many article directories online.

Follow the tips in this article to make your newsletter stand out above all the rest!


Marketing >> Marketing Principles >> Writing Newsletters

About The Author

BB Lee is Editor of SmallBizBits News.


- www.SeniorMag.com  


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