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Online network groups are springing up all over the place and there are some incredible business advantages.  Joyce Bottoms says that through online networks, she’s picked up about 60 home care clients in the last two years.  She's not alone.  Though some businesses do not naturally lend themselves to marketing through network groups, those in the service industry often do.  

People have problems, they need to talk to others to understand them or have answers, and they find this online through community groups.  Other networks of business professionals also form online and if you are part of one, you might be amazed at the source of some of your referrals.

Online network groups have generally gravitated away from “chat rooms” and more towards professional Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) where you can join, develop and participate in threaded discussions, and share resources and knowledge.

Being in a network group however, doesn't mean that everyone passes business your way and all you have to do is be there and collect the rewards.  Network groups only work when everyone works together.  If you aren't seeing business come your way, ask yourself if you are promoting others and passing work their way.  If you aren't, then don't expect the same favor in return.

Several great network groups to consider would include:


MarketingProfs Know-How Exchange

Network groups are also evolving to meet offline as well.  With Ryze, almost every reasonably decent size city will have local get-togethers where you can meet people and again, increase your sphere of influence.

  Marketing >> Marketing Principles >> Joining Network Groups





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