Marketing Outsourcing - Dangers to look for when outsourcing your marketing

 7 Marketing Outsourcing Dangers

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Marketing Outsourcing Danger #7


Are your outsources outsourcing your outsource?

So you've decided to outsource some marketing.  Do you know for sure who is doing it, where they are, what rights they maintain, and what happens with your information?  Just because you do business with marketing company A does not meant that companies B, C, and D won't have their fingers in it.  

Supposedly American companies are actually nothing more than sales vehicles for work done in Jamaica, Lebanon, India, Pakistan, or other countries where the labor costs are small.  

If you are involved with such a relationship, do you really understand your rights?  Who has their hands on your data and what could they do with it?  A small medical services company recently found out that information they are legally responsible for under Federal HIPAA regulations was available to contractors in Beirut Lebanon who then sold it elsewhere.  

Perhaps of lesser significance but still important is, what issues are involved in communication over marketing issues?  It can be difficult to get resolution, answers, and your point across when you have to deal with someone who deals with someone else in another country in a different language, who deals with someone else, who does the work.

And sometimes, it is your vendor, not you who gets the increased dollar value for the inconvenience.  Understand who your marketing partners really are.

Marketing >> Marketing Principles >> Marketing Outsourcing





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