Marketing Outsourcing - Dangers to look for when outsourcing your marketing

 7 Marketing Outsourcing Dangers

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Marketing Outsourcing Danger #5


Is the company growing?

A growing vendor sounds like there must be a reason and so is therefore a good thing to look for.  Often, it isn't.  Why are they growing and how are they handling it?  These are the questions that are more important than anything else when dealing with a vendor who is on the move.

Are they growing because they are good at what they do?  Or are they growing because they've hired a bunch of new salespeople, but have limited ability to service the new clients?  Growth in any business is a good thing, but only if they can manage to hold their own with regard to the services they offer.  

Will you be able to get through to customer service?  Will the customer rep be overworked?  Will they care about their small clients anymore?  Is the company more interested in landing new clients than servicing the ones they already have?  Will you be relegated to doing business with a machine?  Will your issues be handed down to someone who is barely functional in the language or in their experience?  These can and often are the dangers that companies face in growth.

If the company has just merged or been acquired, how does this affect your business?  In most cases, the answer isn't good.  Has the company just acquired financing, investment capital, or are they opening new locations and thinning out their experienced employees to handle the changes?  In such cases, you may be left to sit on the phone or deal with someone who has no answers or even the wrong ones.

Marketing >> Marketing Principles >> Marketing Outsourcing





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