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Developing your website


Whether you are developing your own website or choosing a website developer and host, there are some things that you need to consider as a part of the decision making process.  Learn the advantages of going each direction and some considerations in design, as well as website building mistakes that are often made.

Your Website

Building your own website - Can't afford a programmer?  Consider building your own website
Free Content Articles - Secrets of using free content articles effectively and avoiding duplicate content filters
Choosing a website developer - What you need to know about hiring a website developer
Website Content  - Content on your website drives traffic, so get more content.
Mistakes in website development - Top 5 mistakes in developing a website
Building quality into your website - If choosing between size and quality, choose quality.  You can add more later
Secrets to hosting your company website - Not all hosts are created equal and some will simply drive you nuts
Secrets to driving more traffic to your website - Building more website traffic means more business.  Getting new people to your website
Email Issues - Corporate email - Setting standards for how your company handles email
Getting to Google page one - Where you end up, even on page one makes a difference in your web traffic

Marketing >> Website Development





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