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Trade shows and trade show marketing


Where do you get to visit with hundreds or thousands of prospects?  Trade shows of course.  Most cities have consumer trade shows that bring thousands of people through the gates, and these are your prospective clients.

A trade show allows you the advantage of interacting on a very limited basis with a lot of people for a very short period of time.  And while it is not likely that you will remember too many faces from the trade show, most people who are interested in your services will remember you.  Trade shows give you a chance to pass out your collateral materials and answer questions that people have about your industry.  Most of all, it helps to establish your name in their mind so that there is a familiarity to your business name.

Trade shows

Trade show Information - Why you should do trade shows and what trade shows accomplish
Trade show Display/Booth Exhibits - What to look for in a trade show exhibit booth
Trade show Planning - Make the most of the trade show by having everything in place and ensuring your trade show success
Trade show Promotion - Driving your customers to the trade show to do business with you there
Trade show Working The Show - Understanding the workings and fundamentals of working at the trade show as an exhibitor
Trade show Follow Up - What you should be doing after the trade show to turn it into a success
Kiosks - Using Kiosks as a tool in your trade show
Using Trade shows - Being a consumer at a trade show is an incredible way to learn about your competition

Marketing >> Trade Shows 






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