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Marketing and the use of technology


Technology is a very important part of our life and an incredible source of marketing.  Service trades however, tend to be a bit slower in the uptake of technology, primarily because their competition isn't using it much... or are they?  

Using technology in your marketing as well as for routine operations means greater levels of efficiencies, greater profits, and if you have the technology jump on your competition, you have a definite advantage and you can differentiate yourself even more.  


Video Conference -  Video Conferencing Basics - How video conferencing is used
Web Conference  - Web Conferencing Basics
Conference Calling - Learning new ways to use your phone
Kiosks in Marketing - Kiosk basics and how you can use a kiosk in your marketing
Telephone Systems - Upgrading your telephone system

VoIP Internet/Broadband Phone Services

  Broadband-Internet Phones (VoIP) - If you have broadband service, you have the basic requirements already in place

Marketing >> Marketing & Technology 






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