Public Relations (PR) for the small business entrepreneur - writing press releases and getting them published

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Marketing >> Public Relations/Press Releases 

Public relations, publicity, and press releases


Public relations (otherwise known as PR), publicity, and press releases are part of a wide area of marketing that simply means making your name known. Do you know what it takes for effective public relations in this competitive world?

Press Releases

Writing An Effective Press Release - What you say and how you say it are the basis for the success of any press release
Getting A Press Release Published - Making a press release is one thing.  Getting your press released published is something else
Press Release Format and Layout - The proper look and feel for a press release


24 publicity PR ideas - PR ideas to get you jumpstarted
Public Relations Expert - Becoming your own PR magnet
Volunteer Your Time - Doing for others raises awareness of you and what you do

Marketing >> Public Relations/Press Releases 






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