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Business plans for small business


A "business plan" is an essential tool to have in the initial phase of planning and opening a business as well as in various places along the road.  If you are seeking financing, a business plan is an absolute must and you need to have all the elements of the business plan in place before anyone will touch you. 

Why the big fuss over a simple business plan?  A business plan forces you to walk through every element of forming and managing your business and be able to put these thoughts in writing.  The business plan process ALWAYS means that you will come up with new issues that have not yet been considered.

Learn more about business plans:

Business Plans

Developing your business plan - What a  business plan does for you and what it does for your business
Elements Of A Business Plan - Business plans require certain things.  Without them, your business plan is incomplete
Small business plan mistakes - Avoid pitfalls in developing your business plan
Writing your own business plans - Doing your own business plan has many benefits
Using a business plan - Your business plan is a tool and does not belong on the shelf.  Use your business plan to guide you and make you think it all through.

Marketing >> Small Business Plans 



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