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Marketing Principles


What is marketing, how does it work, and most of all, can you do marketing yourself?  Of course you can!  Most companies market their own goods and services and so can you with a little help and the drive it took you to get your business started.  Marketing is a bit of science, but it's also a little bit of art and intuition.  Marketing intuition is learned and you can learn how to market your own business.

Though there are some marketing tricks of the trade, marketing for the service trade means getting your name out there to the proper people in a way that generates results, and then using the results in a way that benefits you the most.   

Marketing -  (Also See Advertising)

Marketing specialty services  - marketing techniques for home care services
Marketing without money - Even when you don't have cash, you can still market your business
Marketing Must-Do - These are absolute essentials in marketing your business
Overcoming your fear of public speaking - techniques that actually work
Publicity - 24 Top PR ideas
Developing new clients - Strategies
Your target market -  Do you know who you are trying to sell?  It may be different than you think
Developing Business Leads - There's a difference between a response and a business lead
Warm Business Leads - Turning your leads from cold into warm ones
Marketing Mistakes - Marketing booboos that will cost you
Network Groups - Who do you know who knows someone who needs your services
Marketing For Small Business - Taking on the big competitors
Marketing To Your Competition - Take the bite away from your competitor by making them dependent upon you
Top 10 Sales Blunders - Great ways to NOT get the sale
Tell features but sell benefits - listing features is easy, selling benefits gets results
Using Tradeshows - Be a consumer at a trade show and get different benefits than exhibiting at one
Cross Promotion for Small Business - Selling different services to the same client
Marketing Tactics - Focus your marketing
Marketing Tools - Develop your marketing tools before you need them
Choosing Desktop Publishing Software - Save big bucks
Writing newsletters - learning to write a better newsletter
Lifetime value of a customer - Calculating this for allocation of marketing funds.
RFM Model - Recency, Frequency, and Monetary calculations determine future sales.
Marketing Dangers - 7 Dangers in outsourcing your marketing
Marketing Outsourcing Danger #1
Marketing Outsourcing Danger #2
Marketing Outsourcing Danger #3
Marketing Outsourcing Danger #4
Marketing Outsourcing Danger #5
Marketing Outsourcing Danger #6
Marketing Outsourcing Danger #7

Marketing >> Marketing Principles






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