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Competitive Intelligence/Knowledge Management (KM)


What does knowledge management mean to you?  It's one of those buzzy techie terms that came up about a decade ago, and though it was often used to describe software, knowledge management is far more than an electrical compilation of data.  Knowledge management is the ability to obtain useful information that helps you understand your business elements, no matter what the size of the business.  

What do you know about your competition?  How about your customers or what your employees?  Do you have the information that you need to run your business smoothly and successfully, or will you be one of the 90% that is no longer in business after 5 years?  Knowledge is the key and knowledge management is the science that gets you there.

Competitive Intelligence and Knowledge Management

Competitive Intelligence  - Knowledge Management - Small Business Style
Hiring Consultants  - What you need to know from your consultant before hiring them
Developing feedback from your employees  - what employees want you to know

Marketing >> Competitive Intelligence






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