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Employment in service industries


Most entrepreneurs find that they need to eventually bring on employees.  Growing businesses are always looking for new ways to inspire, motivate, and retain their best employees and improve the rest.

Employment tips for employers

Recruiting and hiring practices guide - Setting up procedures for attracting and hiring the right employees
Employee or Independent Contractor - Pros and Cons - Are you going to hire Employees or Independent Contractors?
Employment Screening and the employer - Why would you run background checks on employees?
Employment Screening Checks - Kinds of employment background checks that you can run
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) - Protecting Your Business With Non-Disclosure Agreements
Payroll Services for the employer - Outside organizations that will handle all that payroll mess and keep you out of trouble
Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) - An alternative employment option where you rent your own employees
Employee standards - Setting up the standards by which you hold all employees accountable
Employee performance reviews -  Turn employee reviews into a positive for your business
Employee problems - Bad employee behavior can ruin you
Maximizing employee performance - Do you get the most from your employees?
Employee attention - When your employees are at work, are they focused on their jobs or on their lives?  You might be surprised.
Satisfied Employees - Are your employees happy with their jobs?
Motivating part-time employees - Part time employees want different things from their jobs.  Do you know what they are?
Developing feedback from your employees - What do your employees really think?
Developing people power in your employees - Getting the most and the best from your workers
Hiring a consultant - 10 questions that you need to ask

Marketing >> Employment & Employers



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