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Business Basics


In case you are just starting out or have never ventured the road of the successful entrepreneur, Business Basics is a great place to start.  From making basic business decisions such as whether you are the entrepreneurial type to starting the set up, much of what you need to know is here.

Being an Entrepreneur -  Is being an entrepreneur really for you?
Business Startup Basics - The business basics to decide on before you even print your business cards
Would you make a good CEO? -  Being in charge of your own company requires certain business traits.
Developing your business plan - Your business plan and what it means to you and the longevity of your business
Elements Of A Business Plan -  Business plans vary but all have common elements that make them work
Using a business plan - Making a business plan is one thing, using it effectively is another.  The basics of using a business plan
Your small business game plan/business plan - You need a business plan but you also need a game plan.
10 Reasons why small businesses become successful - Successful businesses have common elements
Making the move from employee to an entrepreneur - When it the best time to make the move from being someone else's employee to working for yourself?
Choosing the right business attorney - Attorneys aren't only for going to court.  A good business attorney can save you far more than the fees you will pay.
Home based business - Using your home as a small business home office
Women In Small Business - Women have incredible aptitude in business.
Employee or Independent Contractor - Pros and Cons - Are you going to hire Employees or Independent Contractors?
Business and Disability - ADA Business Requirements - What is required of small business regarding serving customers with disabilities?
Business Cost Savings Secrets -  Tips to help save you money in your small business
Small Business Startup Checklist -  Getting started is easy, making sure you have your bases covered requires a checklist
Pricing strategies - How do you price your product/services?  An especially tricky thing for the service industries.
Record keeping and cash flow -  Running a business requires money.  Keeping the cash flowing

Marketing >> Business Basics






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