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Cross promotion advertising for small businesses


Cross promoting two complementary small businesses can be an incredible cost savings and have distinct collaborative advantages as well. 

Find complementary businesses by discovering who shares customers with.  In the home care business, you can find a very wide range of alliances.  Just donít take on more than what you can handle.  Cross-promoting with 3-4 other businesses is pretty reasonable.  But if you get too carried away, you wonít be doing your share in the cross-promotion and people will grow tired of benefiting someone who never benefits them back.

Cross-promotion also has risks if the two businesses are not on relatively equal ground or one decides to take advantage of the situation and not cross promote back.  Be careful of your alliances and never tie yourself so tight that breaking the alliance means losing your company.

What businesses does your company share markets with?  Can you work together to share advertising costs and cross-promote each other's services?  These are questions that only you can answer in your own community.  However, the most important question for you to answer is, would you make a good cross-promotion partner?  Are you in it to make the system work?

Marketing >> Marketing Principles >> Cross Promotion





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