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Using tradeshows Ė tradeshows from the consumer side of the isle


Use tradeshows wisely.  That doesnít even mean that you should always buy into booth.  Sometimes the best benefits of a tradeshow are to be had in walking the isles and meeting tradeshow exhibitors in complementary industries face to face. 

Introduce yourself and your company, be polite, professional, and most of all be courteous in understanding why they are exhibiting at the tradeshow.  Itís to make new clients first and make new alliances and acquaintances second.  Be sure to yield when THEIR potential clients come along.

Be sure to get a card and write down everything you learned on the back of the card or better yet, attach it to a steno pad where you wrote down all the info.  A great tip on making these kinds of tradeshow contacts is to find a personal connection, spend a minute on it, and then reference it again when you call 3-4 days after the show.  It helps people connect.

Another tradeshow tip:  Donít follow up with these tradeshow exhibitors the very next day.  Aside from the fact that they are tired and sometimes cranky, theyíve probably gotten back to the office and found out they have all sorts of fires to deal with you.  Call the next day and you will probably be very quickly dismissed.

But do your tradeshow follow-ups.  Thereís no point in having attended it if you donít make the phone call.  Itís quite unlikely that because you shoved your card into their hand, that in a week they will even recall who you are.  The Center for Exhibition Industry Research says 88 percent of exhibition attendees weren't called by salespeople in 2000.

Marketing >> Trade Shows >> Using Tradeshows




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