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Website Design - The DYI Approach


When you cannot afford to have a website built for you, the other option to look at is the DYI or do it yourself approach.  Building your own website has many advantages and it isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds like it should be.  However, the first warning that I can give you about building your own website is ‘don’t do shortcuts’, no matter how tempting the offer.  

The concept of something is better than nothing does not apply to website design.  There’s also a reason why companies charge as much as they do to design a website.  It takes someone with a decent eye and there is a learning curve.  A good looking website won’t happen on your first try if you are starting from scratch.  While a designer could probably have a site ready for you in a few days, doing this in your spare time and doing a good job of it could take you several months.

You can get relatively cheap hosting these days at even under $100 per year for a quality host.  You can also pick up a good website building kit for $100 to $150 and use it for years to do an unlimited number of websites.  If you get cheaper than that, in almost every case, you end up with a site that looks cheap.  Building the freebie-hosted, freebie-constructed site will simply chew up your time and nobody will ever see it. 

The other warning is to look at your site objectively as you go along.  It’s easy to be excited when you finish your first page.  Let it sit for awhile and then go back and look at it again.  Try to look at it as though you are your customer and you are trying to decide which company to contact first.  Is your site impressive, does it fit right into the average, or does it look hokey and amateurish? 

Marketing >> Website Development >> Website Design



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