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Advertising Consistency 


Every business owner has had it happen.  They dreamed that advertising in a certain publication will net them dozens of clients in the first month.  Maybe the salesman even promised it.  Then they wake up to the fact a couple of days or a week later that they have once again, NOT hit the advertising jackpot.  

Advertising simply doesn't work that way and if it did, most small businesses could not afford to do it.  Any ad space that will make your phone ring off the hook is worth phenomenal dollars upfront because the demand for the space goes up and therefore, so does the cost.

There are many ways that your advertising message can be delivered, all of which will be through some ad medium such as a newspaper, the Internet, television, radio, or direct mail.  All of these advertising mediums may be effective if used properly and consistently over time.  However, no advertising method is worth the investment if you just shotgun it or try it a short time.

Here's why:

Even amongst consumers that want your services, 98% will not bother to call you the first time they see your ad.  Maybe they are short on time or they are just looking around.  Often, consumers will simply procrastinate and just not make the call.  They will make a mental note of where they saw the advertisement and come back an hour, a day, a week or even months later.  If your ad has disappeared, you've just lost a client.

While your advertising could get you a phone call or two right away, your biggest success will be advertising to the person that doesn't have a need yet, but will need it in the near future.  Most home services are not subscribed to on a whim, but is considered and talked about for some time.  Often, the adult caregiver children knows these services will be required and is putting them off until something happens or they just run out of steam.  

So when the consumer sees your advertising, they may not be ready to call you yet, but they do start to listen and pay attention.  In the consumer's mind, it is part of the process for making a decision that will need to be made a month or 6 months from now.  

This is particularly true in advertising for home services where the cost is high and where there is an emotional consideration in making the decision.   This is the time that they start to learn who the potential service providers are.  If they don't see or hear your name now, you stand less chance of getting the call when they do need service.

Along with accumulating information on potential services providers, the consumer starts paying attention to where they find they see and hear the advertising.  You will often see people bookmark certain sites or at least make a mental note over where they heard an ad.  When the times comes to take action, they are then going to their resources that they have been accumulating, not starting the process.

Advertising consistency is the key to higher performance.  A single ad may get you that lucky immediate need client.  But if you measure your success on whether you got that initial shot, then chances are that you will have lost about 98% of your advertising potential.   

Advertising is a long-term commitment and one that should only be entered into when you are ready to stick with it for awhile.  Not every ad spot is worth your time, so use some common sense in doing so.  But once you make that decision, don't give up on it easily.

Marketing >> Advertising >> Advertising Consistency




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