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Dorrance Publishing
For over 85 years, Dorrance has offered publishing services for all types of books and has been successful in publishing thousands of titles for thousands of authors. Submit your work now.

Christian Books at
Christian Book Distributors (CBD) over 200,000 bibles, books and more.

Faith Center Resources
8000 faith teaching books, bibles, CDs, videos, DVDs by 100 ministers/ministries: Hagin, Copeland, Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Dr. Colbert, Hagee, T. D. Jakes, Bynum, many more, and 300 movies.

Tough Life Lessons
Books include Tough Life Lessons, The Big Picture, and Humble Feelings: Inspirational Wisdom from C. S. Lewis, Rich Mullins, and Others.

Lamb Christian Stores
Great selection of all the hot new Christian books and all the classics too. 20% Off all Bibles.

Spirit-Anointed Christian Books
Communion with God Ministries has books on many subjects important to Christians, including hearing God's voice, being empowered by the Holy Spirit, and many others. Download free samples.

Bleedership-Christian Book on Leadership
Endorsed by Dave Wardell, co-founder of Promise Keepers, and David Bervig with Focus on the Family.

Find a Christian Book Online
Are your searching for a book on Holy Spirit? Rev. Do Shick Joe offers a book telling how the Holy Spirit trained him spiritually and performed innumerable miracles through him.

One Lord
Free Online book for Chinese citizens. Introduction to Christianity.

50-80% off Christian Books
Save big on Christian books, videos and cards.

The Bible Source
The Bible Source store is your Christian source for Bibles on audio CD, audio cassette, MP3, software, books, gifts and more.

Book Club Deals
Christian Book Club specials are available

Bible Byte
The Golden Thread, Volume one, an e-book. Now available. Online Christian book store.

God's Message - God Today
"God Today" is a exciting new Christian book testifying how God revealed to John Sun specific instructions in the preparation of "God Today" for his coming and the end of the world.

Walk of Faith
In Chiemi Lynn Haman's new book, "Walk of Faith", she tells the tale of one woman's near-death experiences that brought her closer to Jesus. Read more about this inspirational book here.

Leadership Resource/Books for the Church
Leadership Resources provides books and tapes that are designed to equip the Christian for ministry and the Christian walk. Teachers/Authors: Bill Mills, Craig Parro and Marnie Carlson.

Too Small To Ignore
Wess Stafford's child advocacy book tells the powerful story of his boyhood adventures in Africa, his dramatic calling to minister to children and why children are so important.

John Snyder
The Golden Ring - is a contemporary classic by john Snyder. Read the book that has captured the hearts of millions. Get closer to the meaning of Christmas. Free shipping. Order online.

Love For Books
Get your quality books, discounted books and CD's for less.

Christian Books for Less
Buy Christian books and Bibles for up to 90% off of retail prices. Treasures Christian Books.


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