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Wheelchairs Options & Resources

Canes and Walking Sticks

House of Canes and Walking Sticks
26 years experience making & selling walking canes, walking sticks, hiking staffs, made to order and in stock canes. 

The Walking Cane Store
Huge selection of Walking Canes for Gentlemen and Ladies including Folding Canes, Seat Canes, Silver, Carved, Hiking, Extra Tall, Heavy Duty and light duty canes 

Fashionable Canes
Walking Canes, Walking Sticks, and more at Fashionable Walking CanesWalking Canes and Walking Sticks in a wide variety of styles and designs. Walking Cane styles include wooden, elegant, collectors, aluminum, and specialty canes

Walking canes - Fashionable canes, supportive canes 
Attractive walking canes in many different designs and styles. Gorgeous walking canes & hiking sticks for ladies and men.

Kentucky Walking Sticks
Offers walking and hiking sticks made by Eastern Kentucky folk artists.

Canes Canada
Hiking Canes Offers a selection of daily-use canes, mobility aids, and walking sticks.

Canes Galore Inc.
Canes Galore is a second-generation family business, with decades of experience with mobility aids, especially walking canes.

The Walking Sticks
Walking Sticks and Canes for the Extraordinary.  The Walking Sticks for the extraordinary - a wide variety of walking sticks and canes with a variety of handles.

Walking Canes
Canes Sticks, and Staffs from the shop of W. E. SlayWalking Canes, Sticks, and Staffs from the shop of WE Slay. 

Harris Walking Sticks
For all your walking stick and/or cane needs. A variety of walking sticks from the plain to the imported, specialty, custom wrapped and hand carved walking canes

Walking Canes Etcetera 
Your source for the finest in walking canes, including antique canes, sword canes, hand carved canes, ans misc. collector canes.

Walking Assistant 
The Intelligent Support Prevents the Walking Assistant from falling when it rests on a table. ... 2005 Walking Assistant.

Walking Canes & Walking Sticks from
Your source for stylish canes from around the world. Offers a unique selection of fashionable walking canes. You can find the finest walking sticks and canes

Clear Canes  
Lucite Walking CanesClear twist, transparent color, tube, and offset acrylic walking canes. Fun canes, source direct, at serious savings.

Walking Cane Depot 
walking canes and hiking staffsWalking Cane Depot invites you to shop for today's fashionable walking canes, walking sticks, hiking staffs and walking cane accessories in a wide variety of styles

Walking Canes and Sticks "Since 1998" 
Where Fashion Meets Function! Walking canes, walking sticks, folding canes, adjustable canes, hiking sticks, hiking staffs, seat canes, palm grip canes, and more 

Hiking poles and Walking Sticks
Using hiking poles and walking sticks will can save your bacon when out and about

Irish Walking Sticks
Canes, Hiking Staffs, with Buffalo horn from Irish Walking Sticks and Canes - handmade quality sticks and canes from Ireland: canes, hazel, walking sticks, buffalo horn and quality ferrule.

Brazos Walking Sticks
Online store for walking sticks, decorative walking canes, and hiking staffs for sale: large selection of walking sticks, wooden canes, and staffs

Walking Cane Company 
Aluminum folding canes Walking Cane Company sells fashionable walking canes walking sticks custom made walking canes exotic wood walking canes aluminum folding walking canes 

Arundel, West Sussex, UK, has the largest stock of country and conventional walking sticks, antique canes, hiking staves 

Southwest Wood Craft  
Custom wood walking sticks, custom canes, talking sticks, and more.  Elegantly, custom designed and handcrafted custom wood walking sticks and custom wood canes, soul catchers, and other custom gift items.

Randy MacIntyre
Walking Sticks & Canes, Wood Carved Art by Randy, Grand Island, NY Custom wood carved walking sticks, canes, and animals. 

Scottish Walking Sticks 2006
Offers traditional, horn handled country sticks and formal canes, hand-crafted in Scotland.

Hiking & Walking sticks
Canes, shillelaghs, & Staffs Custom made Walking sticks, Hiking & Snake sticks, Walking Staffs, Canes, and Shillelagh's are all original hand-crafted custom made creations that began life as a tree

Lighted Walking Canes
Walking canes with light and alarm. All Lighted canes on sale now.Lighted walking canes, folding and adjustable. Walking cane has light, alarm, compass, and distress signal light built into the handle. 

Walking Assistant
Walking CanesLight is one of the best words to describe the Walking Assistant cane. Just like the Walking Assistant cane, the word light serves a dual purpose. 

Cane Mart
Walking Sticks, Adjustable & Folding Canes, Wood, Crook & Derby CanesCaneMart has a large collection of canes and walking sticks including adjustable canes, folding canes, wood, silver, aluminum and travel canes.

Walking Stick Shop
The Walking Stick Shop, new walking sticks and antique canes in ...Canes and Walking Sticks are individually tailored to size while you wait, the technique of walking with a cane or stick explained, and how your particular ... 

Wester Wood Artist
Custom wood walking sticks, hiking sticks, and canes.Elegant, custom wood walking sticks, hiking sticks and canes, all uniquely made by me in the USA, with USA woods. No imports. 

End - Canes and walking sticks


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