Structured Settlements - When to use a structured settlement (Viatical)

Structured Settlement Usage 


Structured Settlements- When used

Structured settlements are obviously not appropriate in every case.  A simple accident where the injured party is and will be fully capable, cases where the term of the treatment or care is not spread out over a long period of time, and where the kind of injuries are not severe would probably not have a structured settlement agreement.

Structured settlements are designed for many other types of cases though including:

  • Severe injury where there is long-term treatment requirements, where future medical costs will necessarily be incurred, and to meet living and family expenses.
  • Worker’s compensation cases where the injured party may not be able to work or at least work to the earning capacity that they would otherwise have enjoyed.
  • Permanent or temporary disabilities that will take extensive recovery time
  • Wrongful death cases where a surviving family will need a regular income to replace that of the lost spouse/parent
  • Guardianship cases where there are minor children or another person who is judged to be incompetent such as a person with psychological, emotional, or mental handicaps

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