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Caregiver's Handbook

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Rights, responsibilities, and a checklist to keep your head on straight.  A no-nonsense guide to taking care of someone else.

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Looking for someone to take care of Mom? - SeniorMag's National Directory of Home Care and Home Health Care Providers is your first stop.  The first and only directory just for seniors.


Answers to your senior health questions - SeniorMag's new multimedia library allows you access to an incredible store of online videos and transcripts of health issues.  Access from your computer.

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Puzzled by search engines? - You are not alone.  Tech guru Kasey Chang gets down to the basics on what they are and how to get the most from them.


Taking care of Mom from a distance - Feeling guilty that you aren't there to make important decisions and watch over things?  Geriatric Care Managers may be your best alternative.

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Seniors have special legal issues - SeniorMag's Legal Corner has tons of answers and helps you find attorneys where you are that work with seniors.

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Cooking for Seniors - The definitive guide to cooking for seniors.  Food doesn't taste as good as it used to.  Get the flavor back and make it better for you. 

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