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Legal Corner >> Lemon Laws

Lemon Laws

"Lemon laws" have been written in all 50 states to protect consumers where motorLemon Laws and Magnuson Moss Warranty Act vehicles require extensive and regular repair, not due to normal wear and tear.  Automobile lemon laws are consumer laws and are only actionable against automobile manufacturers.

Lemon laws and Magnuson Moss

Lemon laws, in combination with the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, provide consumers with both state and federal protections on such major purchases.  You will find the actual lemon laws written here and organized by state.  

Put bluntly, if you have a vehicle that has had the same repair issue (generally) since before 24,000 miles and they have been unable to resolve the situation, you may have a lemon law case.  When you have read through your state's lemon law (listed below) and you believe you qualify, talk to one or more lemon law attorneys in your area.  Most lemon law attorneys offer a free first visit consultation.

If you have questions about state automobile lemon laws or the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and how they affect your rights, you must talk with your attorney.  SeniorMag cannot provide legal counsel.  Choose your state from below to see applicable state lemon laws.

Other Resources:  When you have a lemon law claim

State Lemon Laws

Alaska lemon law North Carolina lemon law
Alabama lemon law North Dakota lemon law
Arizona lemon law Nebraska lemon law
Arizona lemon law New Hampshire lemon law
California lemon law New Jersey lemon law
Colorado lemon law New Mexico lemon law
Connecticut lemon law Nevada lemon law
Delaware lemon law New York lemon law
Florida lemon law Oklahoma lemon law
Georgia lemon law Ohio lemon law
Hawaii lemon law Oregon lemon law
Iowa lemon law Pennsylvania lemon law
Idaho lemon law Rhode Island lemon law
Illinois lemon law South Carolina lemon law
Indiana lemon law South Dakota lemon law
Kansas lemon law Tennessee lemon law
Kentucky lemon law Texas lemon law
Louisiana lemon law Utah lemon law
Massachusetts lemon law Virginia lemon law
Maryland lemon law Vermont lemon law
Maine lemon law Washington lemon law
Michigan lemon law Wisconsin lemon law
Minnesota lemon law West Virginia lemon law
Mississippi lemon law Wyoming lemon law
Montana lemon law





Automobile Lemon Laws

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