Contact Tips

1.   Do not send confidential or personal information via email under any circumstances. The mere act of contacting an attorney does not form an attorney/client relationship or the legal protections that come with that relationship.

2.   Never ask for FREE advice.  In most cases, an attorney cannot give it to you anyway.  Attorneys are professionals and are held to professional standards.  A responsible attorney will not give you legal advice without a full understanding of your situation.  While an attorney may offer a "no-charge", initial consultation, any consultation always requires a face-to-face meeting.

3.   Have a basic understanding of your issues and what you want before contacting an attorney.  If you don't know your situation or what you want the attorney to do for you, you will have a hard time explaining it anyone else.

4.   Ask for an appointment to meet with the attorney and then prepare your facts.  In some cases, your personal feelings may be part of the relevant facts, but hard documents are almost always the best place to start.

5.   Come to your appointment prepared and with all the documentation that your attorney has asked for.  Whether your appointment is a "no-charge" initial consultation or one that you are paying for, coming unprepared is a waste of your time and the attorney's.