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Whatever Happened To...

Remember back when you’d hear a kid say “Ding-dong” and the natural reply was “Avon calling”?  

Or when you were new to the block and knew that the best way of meeting all of your neighbors was to find out who was having the next Tupperware party?  

How about when you actually knew the Fuller Brush man by his first name?  

Some of those companies conjure up some pretty nice memories.  And though one of the best parts was the social interaction, they had darn good products too. 

In some ways, those times won’t return.  I cannot remember the last time I saw a Fuller Brush man at my door and these days, you really have to be careful who you let into your house. 

Neighborhoods aren’t as friendly as they used to be, and while there are still Avon representatives, it’s not likely that you will see them going door to door anymore.  But what about those wonderful products? 

Well, there’s good news and then there’s even better news.  The good news is that the old products are still available, in many cases better quality than they had before.  There are also many more of them with much more variety than you could ever remember.  

The better news is that these solid “forever” companies are online and whatever drew you to the company in the first place is still there.  It has to be because there’s a lot more competition with bigger marketing budgets and more distribution channels.  All of the ones mentioned above learned to do business through the tried and true ‘word of mouth’ form of advertising.  

Sure, most could have gotten into the mass discount stores, but in order to do that, they would have had to lower quality to give better prices.  They knew that they’re bread and butter clients, the ones who made them who they were, just wouldn’t put up with inferior quality.  But are they still as good as what they used to be?  Read up and you decide.  We’ve critiqued these sites and think that you will be pleased.



Every woman had at least one Avon compact or lipstick in her purse and it was an ideal gift because you could order it and have it shipped elsewhere.  You didn’t have to worry about whether that new product would perform.  It was Avon.  It would be great!  

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That Tupperware… it would last a lifetime and they put the company guarantee on it.  What a cool thing it was to take that nasty old bowl that you’d bought 15 years ago and turn it in for a brand new one when it finally got a crack in it.  You probably still have some of it in your kitchen.  

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Fuller Brush

Of course, Fuller Brush brushes were like nothing else and could clean just about anything that there was.  Those things could just about be considered family heirlooms.  

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