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New Technologies - Threat or Savior - Another Look

By: Roland Michaels

SeniorMag typically stays away from political commentary and will continue to stay away from sponsoring any political candidate or party.  Not that we are bashful about such things but it’s just not our mandate and we respect the reason that thousands of people choose to read SeniorMag everyday.

Our specific mandate is to make certain information available to seniors and to the public that either helps people or makes them aware of specific threats to their personal well-being.   Part of that well-being for Americans is to live in a country where our freedoms are not threatened.  

Big brother syndrome

All too often, there are individuals, companies, or government officials who either see themselves as the watchdog or seek to expand their power or financial bottom-line and are willing to sacrifice anyone’s or everyone’s freedom in order to do so.

Such power-mongers are not new to the world or this country but people with common sense and a dedication to preserving individual freedoms who see the reality of the actions of the few, usually rebuff them.  In desperate times or when fear abounds, these few will find an opportunity to play on those fears and institute policies and practices that threaten those freedoms.  They see the opportunity to rationalize their actions as protective, and the mentally weak seem to swallow the bait.

9/11 effects

This is the opportunity of the aftermath of 9/11.  American’s don’t speak of but are privately worried that American streets will become the streets of Jerusalem with buses, cars, and restaurants blowing up.  Therefore, it is expedient for power-mongers to use this fear and offer or just plain implement control techniques that can be used to monitor every individual.

What seems the most curious is that we know who the attackers are yet our politically correct mindset says that we cannot base our actions on that knowledge.  We must pretend that we think that everyone is a threat. 

Instead of acting to deter the actions of those who hate America (even kick them out), we turn on ourselves and start strip-searching and frisking seniors, hauling the handicapped out of their wheelchairs, and making new mothers drink their own expressed breast milk at airports.  We take pen-knives away from 14 year old boys at Kennedy Space Center and twist 1 inch nail files off from nail clippers of grandmothers who are visiting the Smithsonian.

From Biblical times to the present, a commonly used tactic is to confuse your enemy into attacking themselves.  This is where bin Laden has been successful.  Though the cost to America has been financial in many ways, the bigger cost is that despite initial patriotic convergence, we have in effect started to act as though we suspect each other rather than the known enemy.

In short, someone named Mohammed Omar bin Laden has a better chance of making it through security than someone named Elsie Banks, Sidney Bernstein, or Paula Jones.  Our political correctness has twisted reality to say that the later are just as likely to be terrorists as the former and we certainly wouldn’t want the former to feel isolated.  That would be far worse than humiliating and insulting a WWII veteran or doing an under-sweater frisk of an 80-year old woman who happens to have a pacemaker.

If only this were the end of it, we could just claim temporary insanity, and that common sense and decency were coming back into fashion.  They’re not.  The power-mongers see this as an opportunity to expand their power-base, pass GO, collect $200 million, and get their public and personal intrusions accepted under the guise of security.  They are not going away, their intrusions are relatively quiet and rationalized and they will not step backwards on their own accord.  To do so would be to voluntarily give up power opportunities and tremendous economic incentives.

Conspiracy or alarmist?

There are alarmists and conspiracy nuts to be sure.  Conspiracy and intrigue is a great American pastime and one that we could go into in detail at another time.  I’m generally the one that discounts these alarmists and dismisses their unsubstantiated theories as conjecture or rumor.  

Conspiracists can be found everywhere and 9/11 has certainly give them new fodder.  What I am talking about though is the way that new technology is being used and adapted and as such, reputable outside links will be established for the purpose of independent verification.

Nothing to hide

There are also those that will argue that if you have nothing to hide, you wouldn’t care if someone knows everything about you.  Those people miss every point.  It’s not about guilt or innocence.  It’s about control and relinquishing that control to those that want to control you.  It’s a fact, if someone knows everything about you, they can learn to control you as well. 

Second, their argument assumes that those who have your information will protect your freedom and never cause you harm, that government and corporate officials will protect your freedom without question, and any person who would sacrifice that freedom and your interests for personal gain will never obtain the data.  Such assumptions are pretty grand, illogical, and dangerous.

Judge for yourself

Read the stories and see if you agree that our society is being turned up-side-down by fear-mongers who are using political correctness to confuse the masses into an acceptance of the technological intrusion that fills their coffers and subjects the public to the constant scrutiny that is reminiscent of George Orwell’s “1984”.  

In order to do so however, you must objectively analyze the information that is given rather than allow the spin-doctors the opportunity to tell you that tracking you and watching you every moment is in your best interest.  

Tech Opportunities or Threats

The Chip family - Florida family first to receive chip implants and Latin American countries order $2 million by year-end
Are you riding on a black box? If you are driving a GM or Saturn car, you probably are.  Did they tell you?
Your car is being watched -  Washington DC is the first city to electronically weigh, measure, and track employees cars.



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