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Employing Seniors

Employers are now starting to figure out what seniors have known all along - Seniors make great employees!  

Companies such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and McDonalds have certainly lead the way, but now other employers are also starting to figure it out as well, and new avenues for seniors to find willing employers are starting to hit the surface.  

Senior Job Search is just such a site, only offering to allow people over age 50 and the employers who seek them to connect at no charge.  Seeing a free job site is a rarity these days, and the folks at Senior Job Search have decided to make their success by offering the service, supported by display advertising.  You simply have to register and then employers can post up to 10 employer ads at no cost.

Why hire seniors? 

Seniors have had to learn to adjust to life's circumstances.  In most cases, they have learned adaptation techniques that their younger counterparts will not develop for years to come.  Here are just a few of the things you will discover about hiring seniors:

Seniors are a very loyal market that comprises 25% of the population, is growing, and controls 77% of the financial resources in the United States? Many of your customers are over age 50.  Hiring seniors also shows that you are interested in serving this market.

For the most part, your clients are far more comfortable with people that are their own age.  Since many businesses don't put seniors out in front where they are visible, doing so will make your business stand out.  Hire senior employees to attract senior customers away from the competition.

Seniors are generally more reliable.  They've done their job-hopping and they don't have sick kids at home or have to make an emergency rush to the school to pick up Junior who has a fever.  
Seniors take their jobs more seriously.  They understand that jobs for seniors are a bit harder to get, and therefore, their jobs are worth more to them.  How much does it cost you to hire and train an employee and how much does it cost you if you have to fire someone?  Your turnover rate is lower with seniors and so therefore, your employee acquisition and training costs are cheaper.
Seniors know that every job isn't perfect and have had the experience of working with and for people that aren't perfect.  They also know that your customers are not perfect, and have had to learn to deal with it all.  Seniors rarely leave jobs because things are not perfect.
Seniors are generally cheaper to hire, even if you pay them a higher wage.  For all the reasons mentioned here, seniors stay at one job far longer than do their younger counterparts, they have more experience to draw from, and are therefore, easier to train.
While seniors are no strangers to romance, they aren't pining away over and flirting over at the water cooler or in the hallway with the latest hire.  Emotionally stable employees work better and are more reliable.
Seniors haven't gotten so many years behind them without learning some very valuable lessons.  These are lessons that some new kid with the lip ring won't even know about for another 20 years.
Seniors who are on Medicare are cheaper to hire.  Even if you provide them with a Medicare supplement policy, it is far cheaper than a full insurance HMO or PPO.
Seniors may not be as strong or as fast as some of their younger counterparts.  However, if you provide them with the proper tools and a bit of assistance for those rare heavy tasks, they will probably get the job done faster, better, and without the supervision that would otherwise be necessary.
Seniors still remember and understand the effect of common courtesy and customer service.  They understand that customers are not a nuisance, but the reason that they have a job in the first place.  
Their work ethic is more evolved.  Most know the value of a smile and a handshake in making and retaining customers.  They have learned that their job is not guaranteed, and that taking care of a customer is far easier than finding a new job. 




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