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At home state sponsored senior care

Something bright and sunny might just be coming over the horizon if we take a look towards Maryland.   But only if it is taken to the extent of saving money, not pulling the family out of the care loop.  There are also many other considerations that will have to be worked out to keep the positive spin on this plan

According to Maryland Secretary of Health Nelson J. Sabatini, Maryland will be looking at how the state can work towards providing senior care at home under HMO's rather than at state expense in nursing homes under Medicare.  

Sabitini is looking to de-institutionalize seniors who are currently in nursing homes receiving modest care and let them stay at home at lower cost to the state.  It's no secret that state Medicare budgets are close to the breaking point and something certainly needs to be done as boomers come closer to requiring nursing care.

In such an ideal setting, this would also allow seniors who are in hospitals but not in critical care to move down to nursing homes where the cost per patient is far less.

To this point, no specifics have been worked out but this effort is applauded as long as 


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