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May Is Older American's Month 
by: Dan Fogel

Few people seem to know it but this is Older American's Month as proclaimed by President George W. Bush.  So where's the hoopla? Who knows?  National Avocado Month made several of the top evening news broadcasts including national correspondent coverage of various avocado shindigs.  Okay, maybe I've missed it but I've not seen a word on honoring American seniors.

But that's that. I'll get off my soapbox and quit the whining other than to say that it's a great opportunity to show someone close to you that you appreciate them.  Mom's and Dad's get a full day and you have a full month just to show people that you care.  Seniors aren't exempt from this either.  You probably know more seniors than someone in their 30's so get in there and make someone's day with a card or a phone call.  It'll make the day or even the week for someone else and feel pretty good to you as well.

Now let's just say that you don't have any close relatives that would fall into that senior category.  Nothing says that you can only do nice things for people with blood relation.  Look around you at work, your neighborhood, and most of all your church.  Seniors are everywhere and like you, other people need to know that they are appreciated.   So take the time to share.

We'll even make it easy on you.  There are many great places to find good free e-cards but here are some of the best we've found. The ones on the left are free.  All you have to do is fill out a form. Check the link below and go make it happen.  No excuses guys!





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